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How Lafata Law Can Help You Secure the Home of Your Dreams

Buying a home is likely the most substantial investment most people will ever make. Residential real estate transactions have high stakes for buyers and sellers alike. It is important that you understand all terms and conditions of your real estate contract by having an Illinois real estate attorney assist you with your purchase contract, title insurance policies, real estate inspections, and other real estate documents. At Lafata Law, we are committed to identifying potential concerns early, before they become larger problems in the future. 

The attorneys at Lafata Law will assist you with: 

Review of purchase offers and contracts– Once an offer has been accepted, the buyer and seller will sign a contract that details, with specificity, the terms of the sale of the property at issue. With our assistance negotiating the terms of the purchase contract, you can rest assured your rights are protected and you will be able to proceed to closing without delay.

Assistance with title insurance- Once the purchase contract is signed, we will review public records to determine whether there are any issues that would affect the sale or the exchange of a “clean” title. We will also assist our clients with obtaining title insurance. 

Home inspections- Prior to closing, a buyer will perform an inspection of the property. At the inspection, the inspector may identify defects in the property that the buyer would like addressed prior to closing. We will assist you in understanding your rights and obligations as it relates to the defects within the property. We will work with you to negotiate a resolution to any matters that they affect your ability to complete the real estate transaction. 

Preparing Closing Documents– We will ensure that all paperwork is carefully prepared prior to the closing date in order to prevent avoidable issues on the date of your closing. 

Attending Your Home Closing- During the closing, we will walk you through each of the documents you will be signing to ensure that you understand your rights and responsibilities as the buyer or seller of the property at issue. 

If you are considering buying or selling any type of property, contact the attorneys at Lafata Law to ensure your investment is protected. Having an experienced attorney walk you through the closing process, you can rest assured that your interest in your family's largest asset is protected. 

Lafata Law assists with real estate transactions throughout the Chicagoland area in DuPage, Cook, Kane, Lake, Will and Kendall County. 

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