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My Ex isn’t letting me see my child. What can I do?

Posted by Megan Lafata | Sep 14, 2020 | 0 Comments

Is your ex interfering with your parenting time? 

Is your ex interfering with your parenting time?  When it comes to family law, often parenting time (formerly known as visitation and child custody) is of the utmost importance to the parents involved. While many parents are committed to acting in the best interest of their children, some will use their children as a tool to upset their ex-partner or spouse. 

When you and your ex decide to separate, you should hire an attorney immediately to protect your rights with respect to parenting time. Under Illinois law, your child has the right to a relationship with both parents as long as both are fit parents. Parenting time interference is against the law in Illinois. 

What constitutes parenting time interference? Withholding a child from the other parent during scheduled their parenting time is not the only form of Interference. Intentionally and continuously scheduling other activities for the child during the other parent's parenting time is another common example of parenting time interference.   

What should I do if the interference continues? You can always bring your ex back to court if they continue to interfere with your parenting time. A judge may grant you additional parenting time to make up for the lost time. Additionally, you can also ask the judge to hold your ex responsible for the attorney fees you accrued in bringing your case back to court due to your ex's violation of the parenting plan. 

Developing a parenting plan can require a lot of hard work and compromise. If your ex is not being reasonable, it can be very frustrating. However, it is important to remember that everything you say to your ex can be used against you in court later. Always treat your ex with respect while you are sorting out parenting issues. Respectful co-parenting will benefit your children and will reflect positively upon you when you appear before the judge overseeing your case. If your ex presents evidence of you threatening, harassing or yelling at him or her, a judge will be less likely to rule in your favor. 

Keep calm and hire and attorney. Don't take matters into your own hands. Trust the professionals at Lafata Law to properly handle your child custody issues. 

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